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So proud of Emma (From Mr Solomonides)


Good old fashioned Christmas crackers with novelty mustaches were a big hit! https://t.co/Ze30Me741M


Thank you to our talented catering team for a delicious Christmas Dinner and to our dedicated staff for serving the dinners and making sure pupils had a great time. https://t.co/xzEnO9tBrF


We received this cheque from the Stansted Airport Passenger Community Fund today. This is money passengers drop into the spinners at the airport- usually foreign currency. We bid for money for musical instruments & received £1243. The order is already in! https://t.co/jD5uNkAk0z


Oh it’s real!


Thank you to Reuben's family for talking to Year 1 all about this morning. Their talk inspired this pupil to make a menorah to hold the 8 candles. https://t.co/UlhzTkrQsb


Have a look at we have been up to 🕷️🐜 https://t.co/4qrRPHih4P


The last of our photos. Thank you so much to parents for their contribution. We could not have provided this experience without your support. https://t.co/tvg1WtxQwX


If a four year old can do it... https://t.co/umA2YNgKBd


Life isn't about going out of our comfort zone, it's about extending our comfort zone. https://t.co/GcLZbl9Rmn


There's a tarantula on my head! https://t.co/QU7gldHvA2


Bush tucker trial anyone? https://t.co/pWYMGGKPT7


Pupils in Reception had the I'm a Celebrity experience yesterday when they were visited by the . Read more about it in this week's newsletter. https://t.co/aIlUOt0eWz


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A series of four sessions to give teachers some strategies for improving their wellbeing - take part! https://t.co/xvTBWtaqQi


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Robert Macfarlane

David Attenborough, today: “We are facing a manmade disaster of global scale, our greatest threat in 1000s of years: climate change. If we don’t take action, the collapse of our civilisations & extinction of much of the natural world is on the horizon.” https://t.co/ZC9koyUZ0d


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Meet the 11-year-old girl saving Lagos from waste. https://t.co/2jzxpNYvuy


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